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The Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) has been educating the Delaware public on best waste practices since its inception of DSWA in 1975. DSWA’s public information group was initially responsible for answering questions and guiding the public on how to properly and safely dispose of trash. When Delaware began recycling in the early 1990s, DSWA expanded its education efforts to include best recycling practices. This education initiative aimed to foster environmental stewardship among children in the form of outreach-based education programs in schools and the community. In 2010, the state implemented the Universal Recycling Law which mandated all waste haulers to provide curbside recycling along with trash pickup to their customers. To parallel the state’s efforts to increase recycling and decrease valuable resources sent to landfills, DSWA created a department dedicated to education. Today the DSWA education team operates two Environmental Education Centers offering experiential learning field trips as well as outreach programs to schools, scouts, rotary clubs, HOA’s and all community groups wanting recycling education. The creation of the education department has allowed DSWA to offer free education programs to children and adults throughout the state in hopes of creating better trash and recycling practices throughout Delaware communities.


The DSWA Education team strives to Educate, Innovate, and Inspire all to create waste habits that prioritize the health and safety of the people and environment in Delaware.